Cardiothoracic Surgeon Sydney

Dr Levi Bassin is a heart and lung surgeon based in Sydney.  Dr Bassin offers the latest surgical techniques that help you achieve your best possible health outcome, returning you to your life as quickly as possible.

Heart Disease

When you or someone you care about is first diagnosed with heart disease you may feel concerned and overwhelmed…


The landscape of modern medicine is constantly changing and these advances give you the ability to choose from traditional open heart surgery and other minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic heart surgery is the least invasive way to perform heart, lung, and chest tumour surgery. Patients are able to regain their optimal health and return to their everyday life faster than ever before.

Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

Some patients with valve disease may be candidates for minimally invasive surgery – where the surgery is performed through a small 5-7cm incision without splitting the breastbone…

Dr Levi Bassin

Dr Bassin’s fellowship training at the Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, focused on complex valvular and heart failure surgery as well as minimally invasive techniques. He also undertook a dedicated period of training in the cardiac catheterisation laboratory, focusing on transcatheter valve therapies (TAVI). His most recent overseas training has included tailored robotic surgery training alongside world experts in robotic cardiac surgery.

“My aim is to perform the right operation safely and in the least invasive way possible.”

Heart Disease

When you or someone you care about is first diagnosed with heart disease you may feel concerned and overwhelmed. There is a confusing path of doctors, medical investigations and difficult information to digest. Aside from the symptoms you may be experiencing you may also need to drastically change your lifestyle due to this diagnosis.

Dr Bassin understands that each patient is unique and may be impacted in different ways. His mission is to minimise the trauma and disruption that undergoing major surgery brings to your life by offering his patients alternatives to traditional open-heart surgery and by keeping you informed each step of the way.


Your cardiothoracic surgery path may be different to what you expect. Usually you will undergo surgery within a few weeks of seeing your surgeon. You will spend approximately a week in the hospital, the following few weeks at home regaining your strength, and then continue with a cardiac rehabilitation program.

Depending on what type of procedure you have, this process may be fast tracked. Minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery enable you to leave the hospital after just a few days. You will find yourself able to return to your normal activities fairly soon after surgery; this varies from patient to patient but is undoubtedly a shorter recovery period overall with less down-time and rehabilitation required.

Dr Bassin believes in designing a treatment plan that takes your work, family and passions into careful consideration – so that you can regain your optimal health and return to the things that matter most to you as quickly as possible.